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***Shipping Information***

Please note that shipping costs are determined by the distributors warehouse. Unfortunately that means orders have the potential to accumulate multiple shipping charges if items in the cart can only be fulfilled from more than one warehouse. If all items can be fulfilled from one warehouse the shipping ranges from $7.50-$12. If more than one warehouse is needed to fulfill the order then it may incur charges of $7.50-$12 from other warehouses as well.  Ex. Ammo fulfilled by warehouse 1, scope by warehouse 2--Shipping costs $10 from warehouse 1 and $10 from warehouse 2 for $20 total shipping. All orders submitted will be fulfilled to the cheapest shipping option available for whatever items purchased. We will adjsut the price accordingly and notify the buyer of any changes. All shipping charges are the actual prices for shipping. We do not markup the cost of shipping.

Orders over $500 will ship free.

Handguns under $500 will incur a $15 shipping charge for 2-Day Air shipping. Over $500 will ship free.

Long Guns under $500 will incur a $10 shipping charge for ground shipping. Over $500 will ship free.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding shipping charges.